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2014 Fantasy Football Season Info

The Yaghoobian Est. 2002 Northeast Philly

The Yaghoobian
Est. 2002
Northeast Philly

Welcome to another season of Fantasy Football, our 13th consecutive season. Once again, congrats to Mike Gold on his 2nd title last season, as he moved to 2nd on the all-time leaderboard behind Stan. Porter, Jason, and Snake round out the top-5 heading into 2014.

This year, I am proud to announce we have retired our old plaque and replaced it with “THE YAGHOOBIAN” (pictured above). The aforementioned Mike Gold will be the first to receive “The Y” trophy. Treat her well Mike, it’s our Holy Grail.

The 2014 Fantasy Football season will bring our highly anticipated second consecutive LIVE AUCTION draft. Like last season, each owner will receive a budget of $200 to draft 15 players (9 starters, 6 bench). With a year of experience under our belts in the current format, the intrigue for Draft Day is paramount.

Speaking of Draft Day, the 2014 Fantasy Football Draft will be held on Sunday, August 24th at 1:30pm (please arrive by 1pm). The draft will be once again located at the Goodman household (108 Marita St).

This year, due to rule 1.1 of our bi-lawsAndrew Tepel will be blessing us with his golden vocal chords, as he will open the draft ceremonies with our National Anthem. Oh boy, do we look forward to that.


2014 Pay Structure (200 per person)

League = 180 (pool = 2,160 total)

Rivalry = 13 (pool = 156)

Trophy & Board Dues = 7 (pool = 84)


Nomination Order (based on 2013 order of finish)

12. Tepel

11. Wilmer

10. Linto

9. A. Goodman

8. Snake

7. Phil

6. J. Goodman

5. LaRose

4. Stan

3. Porter

2. Scott

1. Mike Gold


*Note – If you have not joined the League on Yahoo please do so. The ID 182844. Any questions or concerns, you know where to reach me.