Decade Comparisons

NFL Decade Comparisons (2000-2009)

Andrew Porter- New England Patriots
Like the pats, Porter has won the most championships of the decade. This is the best team of the decade.

Mike Goldberg- Indianapolis Colts
Like the colts, Mike has a knack for being consistent and making the playoffs. Mike and the colts won one championship a piece.

Phil Pane- Philadelphia Eagles
Consistency is Phil’s middle name, as he continues to make the playoffs year after year. But, like the hometown team, Phil can not get over the hump and win the big game.

Stan Borodyansky- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
In 2003, Tampa Bay was one of the NFL’s most dominant teams from start to finish. In 2008, Stan Borodyansky was our fantasy league’s most dominant player from start to finish. Each team went on to win it all in those respective years, and each team fizzled out immediately after their surprise flashes of dominance.

Mike LaRose- The Baltimore Ravens 
Mike is another team to win one championship this decade, like the ravens. Mike has shown consistency as well, flirting with the playoffs every season.

Andrew Goodman- St. Louis Rams
In 2000, the rams clearly had the best and most explosive team in football. That season, the rams went on to win the super bowl by 1 yard. In 2003, Goodman clearly had the best and most explosive team in fantasy football. That season, Goodman went on to win the fantasy bowl by 1 point.

Blake Rosenberg- Arizona Cardinals
Blake and the cardinals have never been regarded as the typical powerhouse. However, each team can surprise you any season, and each franchise continues to get better and better. Both the cardinals and Blake lost the championship game in the final season of the decade.

Andrew Tepel- Miami Dolphins 
Tepel and the dolphins are very similiar. Both teams have come on late in the decade, and found ways to make the playoffs. Early in the decade, both teams were dreadful. Tepel and the dolphins love to find unique ways to win, whether it be with the wildcat offense, or drafting players all on the same team.

*Some teams were left out…I ran out of creativity for managers fairly new, or with a lack of resume. Sorry guys…

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