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2014 Team-By-Team Analysis

2014 Draft

2014 Draft

Here we go. Another draft in the books, another season on the horizon. 13th for us, to be exact.

Our second auction draft was completed and one thing is certain, there are no fish. Every single one of us (this is the fourth straight year we’ve been together) is getting really, really good at this. It continues to be a tradition of fun and friendship, but make no mistake about it, all 12 of us take this very seriously and it shows in the draft results. After all, there is a lot of dough on the line.

Trendy players go for a lot, ugly players go for a little, values are understood, and advantages are hard to come by. The biggest take away from the 2014 draft? This league has officially developed from a novice league to an accomplished one.

Not one person left yesterday’s draft feeling elated about their team. Go ahead, try to find a clear-cut favorite. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. 

Having said that, here are my impeccable team-by-team rankings.

Note: “X-Factor” is each team’s player that will have the most impact on their respective roster. You know, the boom or bust type guy that could change everything.


I’ll get my team out of the way first here.

To be honest, most of my starters I never even remotely expected to be on my team (sans Kendall Wright, Jordy Nelson, and some bench guys). But, I wasn’t about to let the guy coming off the greatest offensive and fantasy season in NFL history go for less than $50. So I stole snagged him.

I’m a little weak at WR2/Flex with Kendall Wright and Mike Wallace, but still hopeful Gordon plays at least eight games—and I do think those guys (Wallace and Wright) could have big seasons, but I guess I’m naturally biased since I drafted them…but then again these are MY rankings, so fuck you guys.

I’d consider my depth above average as well, with a considerable amount of “pop” players.

Ps. Kendall Wright ($6) had 94 catches last season (he only scored twice though). That’s more than Dez Bryant, Alshon Jeffrey, Demaryius Thomas, Josh Gordon, and Jimmy Graham.

If he adds, say, six or seven scores, he could be a top-12 PPR WR.

Playoffs: Yes
X-Factor: Josh Gordon

In nomination order…



Clearly Tepel wanted Jimmy Graham, and he made sure he got him, for $52. Not sure that’s a great price, but he definitely has the best TE in FF. On the flip side, Russell Wilson for $3 is excellent value, as is Marques Colston for $13.

Tep is strong at TE and WR, but weaker at RB with Le’Veon Bell as his No.1, and Danny Woodhead as his No. 2. Bench is solid, which could help.

Playoffs: No
X-Factor: Danny Woodhead



Good value at QB again (seems to be the theme of the draft), snagging Aaron Rodgers for $36. Julius Thomas is a stud as well, but Damien definitely paid for his services ($43). While his other-than-Rodgers-And-Thomas-And-Andre Ellington core players certainly have upside, question marks plaque them.

Victor Cruz – Coming off a season where he had only 4 TD’s and less than 1,000 yards (first time in his career). Eli Manning is coming off his worst season of his NFL career, as well. Giants offense looks dreadful in preseason.

Jeremy Maclin – Upside in Eagles offense, but is very fragile. Can he really play 16 games? Also, he’s never had 1,000 yards.

Rashad Jennings – Another Giant? Yikes.

I would consider Damien’s bench below average.

Playoffs: No
X-Factor: Tavon Austin

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