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Week 13: What’s On The Line

No. 1 seed (860 tokens)

This is a two-man race, between Tepel (9-3) and Snake (8-4), with Phil (8-4) 91 points behind Tepel in scoring.

Tepel has a tough Week 13 matchup at home against Porter (7-5) who is coming off a big 150+ point scoring win.

Snake has a slightly easier Week 13 matchup vs. Linto (5-7), but certainly no cake walk. With arguably his two best players, Matt Forte and Dez Bryant going on Thanksgiving against Linto’s QB Mark Sanchez and WR1 Alshon Jeffrey, we could get a feel for this matchup before the turkey is cut.

Tepel has the clear edge. A win and first place is his, and even with a loss, if he outscores Snake by 9 points, he still takes the top seed.

Playoff Spots: What They Need To Get In

Goodman: Win AND a Jason Win AND a Scott Loss AND to outscore Jason by 73 points

Jason: Win AND a Scott loss

Scott: Win AND a LaRose Loss / OR a Damien Loss AND outscore Damien by 36 points / OR a Porter Loss AND outscore Porter by 104 points

LaRose: Win

Porter: Win / OR Scott Loss OR Can’t be outscored by 104 points, by Scott

Damien: Win / OR Scott Loss OR Can’t be outscored by 36 points, by Scott

First Round Bye: What They Need

Tepel: Not outscored by Phil, by 91 points

Snake: A Win and not outscored by Phil by 100 points

Phil: A Win AND Snake Loss

Porter: A Win AND Snake Loss AND Phil Loss AND outscore Snake by 75 points

Damien: A Win AND Snake Loss AND Porter Loss AND outscore Snake by 130+ points

Rivalry Week:

176 tokens (156 + 20 from Mike G’s fine) to the highest scorer of Week 13.

Previous Rivalry Week Winners:

2009–  Scott (123 FP, 60 tokens)
2010–  Linto (150, 60)
2011–  Tepel (131, 60​)
2012-  Scott (132, 120​)
2013-  Blake (186, 120)

*Did this quickly, might be some mistakes in there.