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Ding Dong, The Kickers Dead


The kicker is dead thanks to a 7-5 majority vote.

Please prepare for the (Friday, September 4th – 7pm E.T.) draft with the following in mind:

  • Starting Roster: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, DEF (15 roster spots total – 8 starters / 7 bench)
  • Budget remains $200

Cue the music!


Does Fantasy Football Really Need The ‘Idiot Kicker’ Position?

PHILADELPHIA — Kicker is the most irrelevant, luck-driven position in Fantasy Football. So when Tepel suggested to me that we should eliminate the kicker all together, while I was admittedly skeptical at first, I’ve came to agree with him completely.

And then, he sent me this article which made some great points:

  • In the last five years, only twice has a kicker finished top 5 in scoring in back to back years
  • From 1st to 10th, there is about a 1.2 points per week difference

So here’s the suggestion: let’s eliminate the kicker position. What do you guys think?

Ps. If majority agrees, we can decide on if we want to add a bench spot or a second flex spot, which could make things interested.