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What’s On the Line, During Rivalry Week 2013?

1st place – $700

Inside Track – Porter

Porter has the inside track to first place, being he is the #1 seed heading into the final week of the regular season. Porter is tied for the best record in the league, 8-4, with Scott, and has 32 more points than the next closest team (LaRose). Simply put, a win clinches first for Porter, although he is taking on a scorching hot Goodman team, who is a midst a league high three game win streak. Safe to say, he still has his work cut out for him.

This would be Porter’s franchise high fifth 1st place finish in 12 years.

Striking Distance – Scott

Scott is tied with Porter for the best record in the league (8-4), but 103 points behind Porter. Scott would need a win over Phil, and a Goodman win over Porter.

This would be Scott’s first 1st place of his career.

Sleeper – LaRose

LaRose is sitting there in third place at 7-5, but is second in the league in points, only 32 points behind Porter. LaRose would need both Porter AND Scott losses, AND a win over Snake this week. Tough, but possible.

This would be LaRose’s second career 1st place finish.

The highly coveted, 1st round bye

Inside Track – Porter & Scott

Simple: You win and you’re off next week.

Striking Distance – Larose, Stan, Jason

All of these teams are right there with Scott, in terms of points scored, meaning a loss from Scott will open the door to any of these teams to jump him for the second seed. Many will be rooting for Phil this week, to play the role of spoiler.

A birth in the $1,100 tournament

Already In – Porter and Scott

Clinched at 8-4

This is Porter’s league high seventh playoff appearance in 12 years, and Scott’s third in six years.

Relatively Safe – LaRose

LaRose is tied with four teams for third place at 7-5, but has 72 more points scored than the next closest team. Barring a collapse, LaRose will earn his fifth playoff birth in seven years.

Striking Distance – Stan, Jason (defending champ), Linto, Goldberg

Essentially, we have four teams fighting for the 4-6 seeds in the tournament. One team, won’t get in. For Stan, Jason, and Linto…a win and they’re in. However, a loss by any of those three teams opens the door for Goldberg, who has more points than Linto, a mere 9 less than Jason, and a surmountable 27 (ironic) less than Stan.

*Linto and Jason play each other, meaning If Goldberg wins, he has a good shot to get into the playoffs as well.

Rivalry Week – $120

Highest point total wins. Simple as that. One of the smartest ideas (self pat on back) I have ever created for this league. This is something unique, many leagues haven’t thought of yet, that gives everyone hope for one week.

Scott has two of the four Rivalry Week Titles.

The microphone to be the “anthemist” at next year’s draft

Three Horse Race – Snake, Tepel, Damien

Damien, Tepel, and Snake are tied for last place at 4-8. Snake is the safest of the three, as he has 57 more points than Tepel and 66 more points than Damien.

Most likely, if either Tepel or Damien loses that person will get the microphone. If they both lose, it will come down to points.

*Phil and Goodman still could finish in last place, but that would only happen if all Damien, Tepel, AND Snake won, AND Goodman OR Phil lost, AND were outscored.

The Downfall of Tepel

After finishing in 1st place in 2011, Tepel looks to avoid two straight last place finishes (after weaseling out of the Anthem in August), an unfathomable feat.


Tepel still championship-less after a maximum 12 years in the league.