Mission Statement


Mission: Making this league as enjoyable, organized, competitive, exciting, and passionate as possible, while maintaining and building life-long friendships. Each and every year I strive for perfection, and ultimately I am looking to create a league that will bring together a dozen or so friends. I hope everyone realizes the impact this league has on our lives, which is way more important than money. Every summer, we have something to look forward to and converse about. With everyone living in different parts of the country, a simple thing as a fantasy football league will create life-long friendships that are forced to be re-constructed every August, during draft day or the “Christmas of Sports.”

With that in mind, the competitiveness does not go away. As commissioner, I enjoy creating stats, lists, awards, etc. to build excitement throughout the league. We all know that winning that prize pool of is everyone’s No. 1 goal as individual managers.

Winning is obviously important, but to be completely honest, friendship is a bit more significant. The entry fee into this league, for me, is worth every penny. In fact, I think all twelve of us are getting a lifetime bargain.


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