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Welcome to the league, Robbie Fergs


Rob joined the league in 2018, replacing Snake. Rob is an ex-Penn State roommate of myself, Goodman, and Stan, an Eagles season ticket holder, an avid Fantasy Footballer and a chronic snorer. Do not sleep on Rob, but he will certainly be sleeping on you.

Current Members


Running Tab: Significant Injuries


Goodman (2): Odell Beckham Jr. ($63), Spencer Ware ($19)

Tepel (1): David Johnson ($70)

Scott (2): Allen Robinson ($26), Dalvin Cook ($26)

Phil (3): Danny Woodhead ($20), Greg Olsen ($19), Charles Clay (FA)

Blake (1): Aaron Rodgers ($25)

LaRose (2): Julian Edelman ($19), Corey Coleman ($4)

Stan (2): Brandon Marshall ($11), Cameron Meredith ($6)

Porter (3): Darren Sproles ($6), Chris Carson ($1 – acquired for Corey Davis, acquired for Andrew Luck), DeShaun Watson (FA)

Goldberg (1): Kevin White ($1)

David Johnson Placed on IR, Tepel Embracing the Challenge

Anddddddddddd, it happened. Tepel spent an auction draft high $70 on David Johnson, who of course, suffered a dislocated wrist in Week 1.

Johnson has had lingering injuries throughout his career — college and NFL — and this is something I was wary of.

Here’s my post-draft analysis, which we are starting to learn is a lot more accurate than we thought.

Johnson and Le’Veon Bell are clearly the best two players in FF, so Tepel decided to spend for the one guy that was available. It gives him a massive advantage at RB, but the risk is huge as well — as Tepel is now relying heavily on one player. If DJ gets hurt, he’d be in big trouble.

Tepel, who got off to a 1-0 start with a 117 point Week 1 performance, is now scrambling to replace his star player.

In the most Tepel-ist of ways, he’s actually embracing the challenge.

“I’m actually kinda excited in a weird way,” he told me minutes after the news broke via Facebook messenger. “Taking it as a challenge to see what I can do with waiver and trade to still have a good team.”

Fortunately for Tepel, Seattle rookie RB Chris Carson received a team high in snap share on Sunday and Patriots RB Rex Burkhead still has PPR upside on that offense. But with low floor, high ceiling stashes like Robert Turbain, Josh Gordon, and Tyler Lockett taking up three bench slots, look for Tepel to start making plenty of transactions starting…now.

Porter’s Not-As-Completely Irrelevant As You Thought Draft Analysis

Breaking: As Jason points out, I may actually be good at this.

porter analysis

Porter’s Analysis in 2016 was 43% correct if you take out his own bias. (Credit: Jason)

bill murray

Alright, here we go again.

Back by popular demand, here is my 2017 team-by-team draft analysis.

The Commish
Budget $200
1. (1) Andrew Luck (Ind – QB) $5
2. (13) Mark Ingram (NO – RB) $29
3. (25) Darren McFadden (Dal – RB) $12
4. (37) Julio Jones (Atl – WR) $60
5. (49) Doug Baldwin (Sea – WR) $41
6. (61) Stefon Diggs (Min – WR) $15
7. (73) Delanie Walker (Ten – TE) $5
8. (85) New England (NE – DEF) $1
9. (97) Philip Rivers (LAC – QB) $4
10. (109) Tyrell Williams (LAC – WR) $1
11. (121) Jacquizz Rodgers (TB – RB) $7
12. (133) Ted Ginn Jr. (NO – WR) $7
13. (145) Darren Sproles (Phi – RB) $6
14. (157) Jamaal Charles (Den – RB) $2
15. (169) Paul Richardson (Sea – WR) $5

So I went into the draft with a David Johnson strategy and a non-David Johnson strategy. My non-DJ strategy — which came into effect when Tepel went to $70 — was to acquire both Odell and Julio. However, when AB went for $59 and Goodman bid up Odell to $63, I pussed out and settled for Doug Baldwin as my WR2 — a solid, underrated WR I do like.

Other than that, I accomplished what I wanted to. I think I’ll be able to find two reliable PPR backs out of Ingram, Rodgers, McFadden, and Sproles on a weekly basis to combine with strong WR play. 

With Luck/Rivers and Walker, I am stronger at QB and TE than I thought I’d be.

Grade: B

Strength: Pass catchers and QB upside

Weakness: RB

X-Factor: Andrew Luck $5

Best value pick: Tyrell Williams $1

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Potential 2018 Keeper Note

  • Mike LaRose drafted Corey Coleman for $4, not Cody Core. It was inputted into the system wrong.

2017 Keepers Announced


Scott: RB Le’Veon Bell, $59

Blake: RB Melvin Gordon, $25

Phil: RB Jordan Howard, $20

LaRose: RB DeMarco Murray, $17

Porter: WR Stefon Diggs, $15

Jason: RB Jay Ajayi, $14

Goldberg: RB Theo Riddick, $12

No Keeper:






2017 Fantasy Season Notes

Our 16th SEASON!

It feels like this has kind of sneaked up on us a little bit this year, but IT’S TIME TO GET FUCKING EXCITED.



Here’s what you need to know for the start of the 2017 season.

  • Text me your keeper by Friday, August 18th at 12pm 
    • Each manager may keep up to (1) keeper for the following season at $10 above said player’s drafted price
    • All undrafted drafted players assume a value of $10 and can be kept for $20
    • You can view last year’s draft results here
  • The Draft will be on Sunday, August 20th at 4:30pm (don’t be late)
    • Location: Stan’s apartment in Northern Liberties by the Piazza (109 W Wildey St, Philadelphia, PA 19123; APT 209)
    • Linto will be Skyping in from the West Coast
    • National Anthem: Porter
    • Trophy handoff: From Tepel to LaRose
    • Entry fee will be 200. Please venmo if possible (@And_Porter). Or bring cash.
  • Things to think about that have been tossed around (remember, we’re always trying to improve:
    • Adding a second keeper
    • Adding the option to keep a player for 2 consecutive years
    • Eliminating the defense position

Top 3 Aldo’s Pizzarama Leaderboard

  1. Tepel
  2. Snake
  3. LaRose

Check out the full leaderboard here

Ps. There has been a big auction draft boom in the Fantasy Football community, as people are finally starting to realize how much better an auction is than a snake draft. We were about 5 years ahead of the curve. Despite real shit in our lives getting more important, this league is still awesome. Don’t ever forget that.

Hit up the group chat with any questions.

See you all next weekend.

The Commish