Current Members

Stan Borodyansky


Stan enjoys watching classic movies he has never seen and re-watching “Me, Myself, and Irene” and “Dumb and Dumber”. He is known for his quirky draft-day behavior, and sticking it to Phil. He is one of only two managers to have won two championships, all-time. Stan joined the league in 2004, opted out in 2005, and re-joined in 2006, never second guessing himself again.

Michael Goldberg


Mike has been one of our most consistent managers throughout the league’s existence. Mike enjoys playing poker and being a good Jew. Mike joined the league in 2005.

Andrew Goodman


Andrew has been a vital piece in the creation of the league, as one of the league’s consultants. He also successfully hosted multiple live drafts. Andrew joined the league in 2003.

Jason Goodman


Jason, while admitting sports and football have not always been a passion of his, has mastered the game of fantasy football. Jason displays an extensive research based approach, rather than the more common, intuitive approach. Jason joined the league 2010.

Scott Kret


Scott, a finance connoisseur, has a deep passion for sports and anything gambling related. Hence, his deep love for fantasy football. Scott is known for managing the clock on draft days. Scott joined the league in 2007.

Michael LaRose


Mike is notoriously known for being a Dallas Cowboys fan and bringing Wawa to the draft. Mike has experience his fair-share of success, and is a valued member of the league. Mike joined the league in 2004, took a couple of years off, and re-joined in 2007.

Phillip Pane


Phil is by far our most charismatic manager, and has been one of the most consistent, if not the most consistent manager. However, Phil has yet to win a championship. Each season, I look forward to receiving Phil’s money, as he continues to hide his entry fee in random devices and contraptions. Phil joined the league in 2005.

Andrew Porter (Commissioner)


As the Commish, I have endless love for this league and the empire I have created. Since the league’s inauguration in 2002, I have been extremely pleased with my performance and consider myself a power to be reckoned with every season. Heading into the 2013 season, I sit atop the official leader board.


Rob Ferguson


Rob joined the league in 2018, replacing Snake. Rob is an ex-Penn State roommate of myself, Goodman, and Stan, an Eagles season ticket holder, an avid Fantasy Footballer and a chronic snorer. Do not sleep on Rob, but he will certainly be sleeping on you.

Linto Thomas


Linto is known for being late for unknown reasons to every draft. Linto has been consistently average during his career as manager, but has shown glimmers of hope of late. Linto joined the league 2006.

Andrew Tepel


Andrew was part of the league’s creation in 2002, and is a huge component of this league’s success. He has also hosted multiple draft parties and is known for his Eagles player bias. Andrew has been in the league since 2002.

Damien Wilmer


The amount of excitement and energy Damien brings to this league is one of a kind. His exuberant personality wears off on everyone, which is an important aspect of the league we value.  Damien joined the league in 2009.

All-Time Members (*New members each year listed only)


2002 Inaugural Season (5, 3 teams)

Andrew Porter

Andrew Tepel

Steven Hammerman


2003 (10, 5 teams)

Andrew Goodman

Matt Fleekop


2004 (20, 10 teams)

Blaze Cohen

Jordan Goldberg

Osni Rocha

Stan Borodyansky

Michael LaRose

Jordan Cogan

Jesse Cutler


2005 (25, 10 teams)

Michael Goldberg

Phil Pane

Michael Tepel

Blake Rosenberg


2006 (25, 12 teams)

Linto Thomas


2007 (50, 12 teams)

Brandon Waldorf

Scott Kret


2008 (50, 12 teams)

Steve Gubicza

Lee Schlossberg


2009 (50, 12 teams)

Damien Wilmer


2010 (75, 12 teams)

Jason Goodman


2018 (185, 12 teams)

Rob Ferguson


  • 2011 (100, 12 teams)
  • 2012 (125, 12 teams)
  • 2013 (160, 12 teams)
  • 2014 (200, 12 teams)
  • 2015 (200, 12 teams)
  • 2016 (200, 12 teams)
  • 2017 (200, 12 teams)
  • 2018 (200, 12 teams)


*24 all-time managers as of 07/05/18

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