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2013 Pre-Season Rankings


First off, some house keeping.

We voted that special teams touchdowns will effect our defenses, fractional points will have to wait at least another year, first place will get 700 tokens and the champion will earn a whopping 1,100 tokens (with a deal for the runner-up likely to be made).

Waivers will be the same as last year, with each team starting the season with $100 in FAAB (Free Agent Auction Bid) dollars. Waivers will be from game time-Tuesday, so from Wednesday until 12:59pm Sunday, players will be free to add and drop freely.

Now, onto yesterday.

It was a glorious day, as expected. I honestly think draft day is the most anticipated fixed day of the year for me. Like, yeah, throughout the year random, various things could happen that could make any day the best day of the year for me (usually that would have to involve either sex—a rarity, sports, or money—another rarity, or a combination of the three—extreme rarity), but the one day of the year that I know will be there every August is fantasy draft day, and there is no better fixed date on my calendar.

I thought from top to bottom everything went very smoothly, everyone drafted well (some more than others), the technology worked, the food was delicious per usual (thanks Nancy), and Dane did a good job (thanks Dane) of keeping things moooooovingggg (Mr. McKinney voice).

Phil still paid in a quirky way and provided a bunch of laughs, Linto was still late for unknown reasons, Damien still showed exuberant energy, Jason was still over prepared, Blake was extra snaky, Stan finished extra early (no pun intended), Goodman still drafted Randall Cobb, Antonio Brown, and Eric Decker, and the Goodman household was as gracious as ever. Somehow that basement fits us all and it will go down in this league’s history one day.

On a serious note, we’re all doing our own shit now, so it’s really nice to see everyone and get the league together for a day.  Hopefully, we can all get together to watch the games more throughout the season.

I digress.

I genuinely enjoyed the auction infinitely times more than the snake draft for numerous reasons, with the main reason being the auction style is for men, snake draft is for women. Strategy, research, and preparation is rewarded more in an auction compared to a snake draft, and seriously, a woman can print out a draft sheet on ESPN and take the next best available player and win the league in that format (Stan did it twice….ZING!).

With that, here is your 2013 preseason Fantasy Football team-by-team analysis.


Strong draft from Tep all the way around. I mean, he did 58 mock drafts, including one at 6:30am yesterday, so he better of had a good draft.

I really don’t have much else to say. Solid from top to bottom, he needs to hope his guys stay healthy (they didn’t last year and he’ll be sure to let you know that’s why he came in last place).

Sproles/Martin at RB in a PPR league could be dynamic, and Marshall/V.Jackson at WR is no slouch tandem either. Kaepernick at QB could be the risky part of this roster, but plenty of QB’s on the waiver wire if need be.

Playoffs- Yes

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Phil’s 2013 Payment Gadget

Phil's 2013 Payment Gadjet

Phil’s 2013 payment gadget. Stepping up his game, and out-doing himself.


Nomination Order for the 2013 Draft


Draft Day Event Page

Nomination Order (based on last year’s final rankings):

1. J. Goodman (defending champ)
2. LaRose (runner-up)
3. Snake
4. Damien
5. Porter
6. Linto
7. Pane
8. M. Gold
9. S. Boro
10. A. Goodman
11. Kret
12. Tepel

Draft Day Votes to Think About…

We’re a little less than three weeks (19 days to be exact) away from DRAFT DAY 2013 (August 25th, 2pm – Goodman’s).

Here are some topics we will be discussing/voting on before the draft. Just wanted to give you some time to think about some of these things.

  1. Payout (1,800 total this year — thinking 1,000/800)
  2. Return TD’s counts for team DEFENSE, NOT individual player (propose by Blake)
  3. Fractional points? Yes or No.

Just some things to think about…


  • Auction draft
  • $200 budget per team
  • Team consists of 9 starters and 6 bench players
  • We will have a program to track budget and max bid for each team