League in Review

2016 (Live Auction Draft) – “When Life Gets Tough, Cowboy Up”

Mike LaRose and his Dallas Cowboys dominated the 2016 football season, becoming our second straight champion to finish in 1st place and take the vast majority of the price pool.

LaRose finished with a 10-3 regular season record and scored 1,677 fantasy points, 131 more points than the next closest team (Phil, 3rd place). He ended the season winning eight straight games, including a 134.08-96.46 championship blowout over Blake.

LaRose’s MVP is one of the NFL’s MVP candidates, Dallas rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott. LaRose drafted Zeke for $46, which turned out to be a steal, as he became the No. 5 overall fantasy player and the No. 2 RB with 325.4 points (21.69/week). LaRose was propelled to his eight game winning streak to close out the season by Aaron Rodgers, another NFL MVP candidate. A-Rod went nuts scoring over 24 FP in 9 out of his last 10 games, including a 41-point Week 16 (Fantasy Championship) performance.

LaRose’s two big steals were former Cowboys and Eagles RB DeMarco Murray for $7, who finished as the RB5 (19.46/week), and Jimmy Graham for $3, who finished as the TE5 (11.93/week).

LaRose made just one trade all season long, acquiring Golden Tate and Derrick Henry for Jonathan Stewart on November 12th.

“I believe this was the greatest team ever draft,” LaRose said in a text message statement. “6 of the 7 starting players in the championship [Rodgers, Amari Cooper, Murray, Elliott, Jimmy Graham, and DeSean Jackson] were all drafted by me. I would bet that has not happened before.

“Thanks everyone for a great season. Looking forward to winning it again next year.”

This was LaRose’s second career title and first ever first place finish. He catapults into 3rd place in the Aldo’s Pizzarama Leaderboard with 1,485 points behind only Blake (1,552.5) and Tepel (2,377.5).

Tepel won his second straight rivalry week and record third overall.

Blake reached his 7th postseason in 12 seasons and his 3rd championship appearance since 2010 (2-1).

Phil reached his 9th postseason in 12 seasons.

Linto won his first playoff game.

Porter finished in last place (2-11) for the first time in his 15-season career.

LaRose = 1,820 (1st and championship)
Blake = 400 (runner up deal)
Tepel = 200 (rivalry + fine)


2015 (Live AUCTION Draft) – “The Birth Of A Dynasty?”

Tepel became the first owner in modern league history to achieve back-to-back first place finishes (his third 1st place finish in the last five years) and to lead the league in “tokens earned” in consecutive seasons.

Tepel won his second rivalry week title, won his first championship, and racked up a ridiculous 2,120 (3,320 over the last two seasons, for those counting at home).


Tepel now becomes the first owner reach the 3,000 “token” plateau and the first to reach the 2,000 point plateau on the Aldo’s Leaderboard, nearly doubling the next closet managers (Stan, Blake t-2nd).

Tepel defeated Goodman in the Fantasy Championship in dominating fashion, destroying him by over 30 points. He was the only team to win double-digit games in the regular season and finishes the year a remarkable 12-3.

Just two years ago, in 2013, Tepel finished in last place for the second straight season.

Tepel’s last five seasons (2011-2015): 1st, last, last, 1st, 1st

You can read his post-season message here and Goodman’s runner-up message here.


*This season marked the beginning on the Keeper rule (1.4), which will officially begin at the 2016 draft.

Tepel = 2,120 (1st, championship, rivalry + fine)
Goodman = 300 (runner-up deal)

2014 (Live AUCTION Draft) – “Snaked, Again”

Blake, amazingly, had only three drafted players—Matt Ryan, Matt Forte, and Stephen Gostkowski—that were on his championship game roster. After seven trades, yes seven, which included the departure of Montee Ball ($40), A.J. Green ($45), and Antonio Brown ($35), Blake ended up with a starting roster of:

QB – Matt Ryan*
RB – Matt Forte*
RB – Arian Foster
WR – Dez Bryant
WR – Sammy Watkins
TE – Travis Kelce
K – Stephen Gostkowski*
DEF – Green Bay, Miami

For Blake, or more appropriately Snake, it worked out brilliantly and he cruised to a 20-point championship win over the No. 1 seeded Tepel. It is Snake’s second Fantasy Football Championship, joining Stan, Goldberg, and Porter as the only four managers will multiple rings.

For the first time in league history, the champion did not win the majority of the prize pool. After a 1st place/2nd place split (600/260) and champ/runner-up split (700/600), both times between Tepel and Snake, Tepel came away with the majority of the prize pool.

The timid championship deal of 700/600 quietly ruffled the feathers of some league members, as multiple managers felt it was a weaselly move diminishing the value of the championship game. To each his own, however.

Tepel catapults into 4th place in the Mail Chimp Leaderboard Standings, with 1,105 points, while Blake shoots all the way up into a tie for first with Stan.

Tepel = 1200 (1st, runner-up deal)
Snake = 960 (champ)
Jason = 176 (rivalry)

2013 (Live AUCTION Draft) – “Mike Strikes Gold, Late in Season”

After reeling off three straight wins to open the season, Mike Gold lost the next three falling to 3-3, and eventually found himself 6-6 and in a must win week 13 situation to make the playoffs. Goldberg destroyed Tepel 165-95 in week 13’s rivalry week behind Alshon Jeffrey’s 48 fantasy points (12/249/2), and earned himself the 5th seed in the postseason, his 5th playoff appearance in eight seasons.

With the emergence of Jeffrey, no one wanted to see Mike Gold in the playoffs. In fact, since week 7 Jeffrey averaged 19.3 FP/game and failed to score double digit FP just once (8 FP in week 12), giving Goldberg a dominant 1-2 punch at WR with Jeffrey and A.J. Green, both top-7 fantasy WR’s this season. Combining those two top-seven WR’s, with two top-six fantasy RB’s in Matt Forte and DeMarco Murray, Tom Brady at QB, Julius Thomas/Greg Olsen at TE, and the late resurgence of Maruqes Colston as a flex, Goldberg was poised for a championship run and no one wanted to face him. Sure enough, three consecutive wins and three successive 135+ fantasy point performances later, Goldberg cruised to his second franchise fantasy title, becoming the third manager to win multiple fantasy championships (Porter, Stan). With the win, Mike Gold moved to second in the all-time leaderboard, only 170 points behind Stan.

Mike Gold’s Speech:

It is an honor to be crowned champion for the second time in the league history. It was a bit scary last night, knowing that if Crabtree could break one huge play in the second half that it could of all been over. Fortunately, scot couldn’t step it up when it came down to crunch time.

Let’s rewind to the preseason rankings when our commissioner said that my team could not compete because it was lacking something. My nigga Alshon Ignored porter’s words and stepped up to fill that void and that is why he will be my team MVP this year. Guys like forte and AJ did what they were supposed to do all year.

I would like to thank Jesus and all of the fans who made this possible.  I am looking forward to the parade down Bustleton avenue and hope to see you all there.


Scott’s (runner-up) Speech:

 I don’t deserve an editor’s note for surviving injuries to Rodgers, Foster, Wayne, and Graham along with the Percy fiasco and that devastating Stacy for Blackmon trade and still making the finals?

I picked up countless players at obvious and not obvious times and plugged them in timely throughout the season, I tanked the last week of the season which allowed me to go the finals vs the semi-finals, and I still had a punchers chance in that battle. I may have made one crucial mistake this week that will haunt me forever, but I’m proud of my effort.

Congrats Mike G, you were a very deserving champion but watch out next year, I’ll be back.

Other Notes:

The Collapse of Porter

After a dominant first 12 weeks where Porter found himself in first place at 8-4 with the league’s most point scored, one of the most devastating collapses in league history began to unravel and everyone could see it coming. Trades like Josh Gordon for Danny Woodhead and Ryan Matthews for James Jones and Pierre Thomas (who was released by Porter) began to get worse and worse as Porter approached the playoffs. Still, a week 13 win OR a week 13 Stan loss and Porter would clinch at least first place and the prize money that came with it. However, that didn’t happen and Porter disappointingly entered the playoffs as the two-seed, and of course, faced the hot Mike Gold in the semi’s, because of the re-seeding format, costing Porter more money (if he was the #1 seed he would have made the championship and at least, worked a deal).

Porter fell from first overall in the running leaderboard, to third.

Without those two trades, which seemed to look good through the heart of the regular season, Porter’s roster would have looked like this (fantasy positional rank):

QB – Plug and Play

RB – Jamaal Charles (1)

  • Scored 71 FP more than the #2 RB, LeSean McCoy
  • Averaged 22.8 FP/game (MCoy 18+ FP/game)
  • #2 overall scorer behind only Peyton Manning
  • Scored 59 FP in the fantasy semi-finals week, which Porter LOST

RB – Ryan Matthews (17)

  • scored double digit FP his last seven weeks
  • 14+ FP his last six weeks
  • 22, 19, 20 respective fantasy points in week 14, 15, 16…the playoffs

WR – Calvin Johnson (1)

WR – Josh Gordon (2)

  • Averaged 23.2 FP/game after Porter trade him before week 6
  • Week 11-Week 14 FP totals: 23, 43, 48, 31 (36.25/game)

TE – Plug and Play

K – Phil Dawson (7)

  • Scored double digit FP in last four weeks (13-16)
  • Scored 9+ FP in last seven weeks (10-16)

DEF – Plug and Play

Flex – Wes Welker (18) / Harry Douglas 

  • Welker missed final two games due to injury

[Editor’s note: Yes, I’m bitter.  When you have the top RB, 2nd overall scorer (who posted 59 in my semi-finals LOSS!!!), and top-two WR’s, in a PPR league, you shouldn’t lose. Good drafting, bad managing, and some bad luck = an unhappy Jew on Christmas Eve morning at work, writing this.]

Two straight last-place finishes for Tepel

  • Not sure that has ever happened before in league history. Pretty sure if he tried to do that he couldn’t.
  • Official: Tepel will be singing the National Anthem at the 2014 draft

Almost a Dynasty for Stan

  • Gotta give credit, when credit is due…
  • …Stan finished in first place for the 2nd time in six seasons, and could have won a league high 3rd title in that same amount of time…
  • …but he didn’t…
  • …and almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
  • He did rack up a cool, 600 tokens though and move up to first place in the all-time leaderboard.

M. Gold = 800 (champ)
Stan =  600 (1st)
Scott = 300 (championship runner up-deal)
Snake = 120 (rivlary week)
Porter = 100 (2nd place – deal)


2012 (Live Draft) – One emerged from the pack in historic fashion”

In one of the most parity filled years this league has ever seen, Jason Goodman went wire-to-wire to take first place, and the title. Mike LaRose stubbornly refused a championship deal, which came back to bite him in the dick. Jason, who had the first overall pick in the draft, sky-rocketed to second in the all-time leader board standings. A truly impressive season from the Jay-man.

Jason’s message:

What does it feel like to be a champion?  Imagine fighting against the biggest poop you’ve ever taken.  Painful mini plops trade time with little victories as you push more of that demon out.  At the end, you’re relieved.  You’re content.  You’ve finished the battle and your whole body is physically filled with happiness.  That’s what winning this battle feels like.  For some of you, you’ve never felt that. You’re still fighting that demon.  You leave the bathroom (each season) unsatisfied, only to go back later, confident that you’ll get everything out, but nope.  You lose again.    

            Things that I will remember from last season

1.       Brandon Myers single handedly winning me the regular season in a 3 minute drive by with six catches, 73 yards, and one glorious touchdown

2.      Mike LaRose refusing to give me a deal for the Ship and then being blown out 150-97

3.      Everyone dismissing Wilmer and Linto’s teams on Draft day.  Both made the playoffs

4.      Almost every team being a playoff contender up until the final week.  So much parity makes this league scary good and just plain scary to play in

5.      Having home field advantage drafting in my parents basement is probably a real thing

Everyone start getting pumped up.  Draft day is the culmination of your preparation, not the beginning of it.  Auction draft this year is going to screw you unless you’re really ready.  Following the rich tradition of this league, I expect everyone will be.  See you in the playoffs


Champion: 2012, Jason Goodman

Jason = 1500
Scott = 120 (rivalry)

2011 (Live Draft) –“#GetGronkd”

It was Halloween Weekend. Week 8 in the NFL regular season just concluded, and Stan Borodyansky’s fantasy team just lost their 3rd straight game, falling to 3-5 on the season. Expectations dwindled. Passion eroded. Excitement was minimal. They sat in the middle of the pack, with one goal in mind: make the playoffs, and see what happens. And, they did.

As for what happened? Stan’s team was on some kind of a, “fire-in-their-ass” like surge, never losing again. That’s right, 8 consecutive wins to end the season, en route to a fantasy championship, making Stan the 2nd manager in league history (Porter) to win multiple fantasy championships.

Ps. Stan did tip the Commish, which was much appreciated.

Stan has not commented on the victory yet.

Stan= 730
Tepel= 410 (1st place and rivalry)

2010 (Live Draft) – “Snake Bitten.”

After losing the Fantasy Bowl for the first time in his career in 2009, Blake became only the 3rd manager ever (Porter- ’02, ’03, ’04 and ’08, ’09 and Mike Gold- ’05, ’06, ’07) to reach the Fantasy Bowl in two consecutive seasons.

This time, Blake did not disappoint, winning the Fantasy Bowl by 23 points. Blake finished the regular season 9-4, tied for the best record in the league, and with the most points in the league (1417) giving him the all important #1 seed in the post season. The #1 seed has won the Fantasy Bowl in three straight years now, showing the importance of the regular season.

Blake had the #2 pick in this year’s draft, giving him Chris Johnson, basically the only drafted player kept on his playoff roster. True to his name, Blake made four trades on the season, and some say, snaking his way to the promise land.

But that’s the name of the game. Do what it takes to win, and that’s what Blake did.

Blake’s winning statement:

“I had a great time this year as always , and want to recognize all of the other managers in the league for their competition. Making it for the second straight year finally payed off. I would like to shout out my favorite player, and my most consistent player, Roddy White. Hes one of my new favorite players in the league. I would also like to shout out the rest of my team as it is a team game not just one player.I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and I am already waiting for next years draft.”

Thank you all,

Blake= 800
Scott= 100 (runner up)
Linto= 60 (rivalry)
M. Gold= 50 (consolation)

2009 (Live Draft) – “He Controls His Own Decade”

When Porter created this fantasy league, in 2002, he would never imagine the league transforming into what it has become by decade’s end. As the decade come to a close, we can not help but to take a look at the success Porter has had throughout this decade of fantasy football. The numbers, to say the least, are whopping. And not to tute his own horn, if you will, but after winning the final championship of the decade, I can not, and will not, ignore the dominance.
Porter is one of only two to participate in all eight of his league’s fantasy seasons this decade (Tepel being the other). In those eight seasons, Porter has reached the fantasy bowl, a staggering, five times (62.5%). In eight seasons, Porter has finished in first place four times (50%). In eight seasons, Porter has failed to miss the post-season only one time, in 2005. In the playoff era (since ’04), Porter has never finished the season with the leading fantasy scorer. Porter now sits atop the leaderboard, with 1,350 points, 475 points ahead of the next closest man (M. Gold). In Porter’s five championship appearances, he has fared decent, at best, winning only two out of the five (40%) championships, possibly leaving more hardwood on the table for himself. Porter, in his inaugural fantasy season as commissioner and manager, and essentially the first season of the decade (2002), he won it all. In the final season of the decade, fittingly, he won it all again. Porter is the only manager in league history to win multiple championships.

Quickly after winning his second fantasy bowl, Porter stated:

I had a ton of fun this year, and I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication each manager put in. I finally got off the hump, and won a big championship. It feels really good. I would like to thank my favorite player, and my most consistent player, Ray “Raymond” Rice. I have grown to love this little man. I would also like to send out a special thank you to Tom “Thomas” Brady, who showed up when it counted, and threw for 4 tds today. And finally, I would like to thank Miles Austin. Miles, despite doubts from fellow managers (LaRose), was huge, especially in the stretch run and into the playoffs. He held off Fred Davis in the final fantasy game of the season, to guide me to the shiva/gina bowl, and the prize money. I hope everyone loves this league as much as I do, cause I truly had a blast this season! 
The 2009 Champion, 
The Commish”

Porter= 500
Scott= 60 (Rivlary)

2008 (Live Draft) – “The Russian Attack”

Arguably, the least knowledgeable player dominated the fantasy season, and possibly earned some long lasting respect. Stan came into the draft this year with no expectations, and the opposition undoubtedly looked right past Stan. However, Stan quietly selected his players on draft day, hearing criticisms coming from left and right, and even some from the upper-deck. Andre Johnson, Reggie Bush, Greg Jennings…the “boos” were heard all the way from Ukraine. But Stan didn’t bite, and either did his players. They turned out to be fantasy studs, and with a couple beautiful signings of Matt Cassel and Pierre Thomas, Stan was in complete control. Not only did he stay away from the injury bug, he actually benefited from the injuries, as his replacements proved to be better than the originals. Stan went on to take first place , and cruised through the playoffs, beating Porter in Fantasy Bowl VII. Clearly more important than money, the man who supposedly knows nothing about football, won respect from his colleagues, competitors, media, and friends. And who knows, maybe Mr. Borodyansky does know a thing or two about the great American game of football. Heading into the 2009 fantasy season, Stan’s looks to become the first ever manager to repeat as Fantasy Bowl champion, and is one of five managers looking to become the first to two Fantasy Bowls.

Stan went on to thank his nay sayers:

“I’d like to thank everyone for an absolutely incredible and excitign year of football. I think the competition was very evenly distributed throughout the league and it was anyones league this year. Now that this year is over I am more than anxious to begin next years draft. Thank you Porter for introducing me to the American game of Fantasy Football, it truly has been a fantasy! It was once a dream to be crowned league champ, but that dream took 16 weeks to become reality. I’d like to send a special thank you to Phillip Pane. Phillip pane doubted me since I went to Kidspace at the JCC after school during my elementary school days. Up until this day he has criticized me to the point where I could have shed tears?? Well thank you, because its people like you that make this feel SOOO much better 🙂 Its been fun fellas, your money is safe with me ;)”


2007 (Live Draft) – “I wanna be like Mike.” 

This was the year of the man named “Mike”, as Mike LaRose and Mike Goldberg dominated the league. Both finished with promising 11-2 regular season records, with LaRose handing Goldberg his second straight championship loss. In our first LIVE DRAFT, LaRose selected 7th, while Goldberg selected 5th.

LaRose added these words after winning his first career championship:

I would like to take this time to thank the people that made this possible……… 
QB Drew Brees 
WR Randy Moss 
WR Brandon Marshall 
RB Shaun Alexander 
RB Clinton Portis 
TE Jason Witten 
WR Steve Smith 
RB Reggie Bush 
WR Bobby Engram 
QB Jay Cutler 
QB Philip Rive 
K Stephen Gostkowski 
DEF New England 
DEF Washington 

Com. Andrew Porter 
Thank You!


2006 – “Does the shoe fit?” 

In ’06, the race for first place was tight, as Porter held off Blaze and M. Goldberg for the 1st place prize, with a record of 10-3. However, the 5th seed Jordan Goldberg went on a post-season run, upsetting Phil and Porter in back-to-back weeks, to face his brother in the finals. They decided to split the pot before the match, and Jordan ended up completing this Cinderella Story.

Jordan’s acceptance speech goes as follows:

“finally my first championship ever between football and bball!my hardwork finally paid off in a very intense and competitive season.whoever thought the number 5 team was gonna beat goldigga and porter and the highest scoring team in the regular season,phil.It was a rocky road but i paved my way through. injuries,disappointment, you name it my team went through it but id like to thank maurice jonesdrew a.k.a the truth, jeff the white beener garcia, for coming thru in these crutial playoff games. quietly this year my team was a threat with two five game win streaks and 1 of them to end the season. this team has heart along with its coach. id like to thank opponants on a wonderful season and props to the commish for running another solid season.

J. Goldberg=100
M. Goldberg=100

2005 – Dominate is to rule over; govern; control.”

Mike Goldberg dominated the league this year, as he went 12-1 in the regular season, and road his ship right to the championship gold. Only one other team finished above .500 (Phil). Mike selected last in the first round.

Mike Goldberg=250

2004 – “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Porter swept threw the league, earning his second 1st place finish with an 11-3 record. Blaze, the 6 seed, with a 7-7 record, amazingly won his first round playoff matchup. However, to our dismay, Blaze was headed to Mexico, where he has no internet access. Simply, Blaze asked former player Jordan Cogan to set his lineup for him. Blaze ended up making it to the finals against Porter, and Jordan Cogan added players for Blaze to “fine-tune” his lineup, without Blaze even knowing! Guess what happened….Yup, Blaze won, despite much controversy.

Porter- 60

2003 – “Fumblerooski!”

Although we only had five players in our second season, this was arguably the most exciting season ever. This league was done completely manually, and Goodman made a draft day blockbuster deal, trading #1 overall pick Ricky Williams to Matt Fleekop for #2 overall pick Priest Holmes. It paid off in the end, as Goodman won the first place trophy and was headed to the championship to take on Porter. As they watched Sunday Night Football together, in the final NFL game with any fantasy implications, Porter was up one single fantasy point as the game was winding down. The Ravens, and Porter’s then Jamal Lewis, were just trying to run the clock out. Guess what happened….yup, he fumbled, costing Porter.

Goodman- 50

2002 – “How we got here.”

In our inaugural season of fantasy football, Andrew Porter, Andrew Tepel, and Steven Hammerman, sat down to have a fantasy draft. Although the memories from that season are scarce, the moments that it has created today are priceless.



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