LaRose Wins His 2nd Title



This was LaRose’s second career title and first ever first place finish. He catapults into 3rd place in the Aldo’s Pizzarama Leaderboard with 1,485 points behind only Blake (1,552.5) and Tepel (2,377.5).

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Porter: My Completely Irrelevant, But Highly Anticipated Preseason Analysis


You talkin’ to me?

As much as you guys love this, is as much I hate it. But I gotta give the people what they want.

This was our fourth auction and it was pretty buttoned up. No one finished with significant unused money and there weren’t many head-scratching buys (save Tavon Austin for $16).

Read ’em and weep, boys.


Budget $200
1. (2) Kirk Cousins (Was – QB) $2
2. (14) Duke Johnson Jr. (Cle – RB) $17
3. (26) Jeremy Langford (Chi – RB) $17
4. (38) Donte Moncrief (Ind – WR) $11
5. (50) Golden Tate (Det – WR) $28
6. (62) Will Tye (NYG – TE) $1
7. (74) Alshon Jeffery (Chi – WR) $45
8. (86) Buffalo (Buf – DEF) $3
9. (98) Allen Robinson (Jax – WR) $54
10. (110) T.J. Yeldon (Jax – RB) $5
11. (122) Chris Thompson (Was – RB) $3
12. (134) Torrey Smith (SF – WR) $5
13. (146) Jerick McKinnon (Min – RB) $5
14. (158) Jermaine Kearse (Sea – WR) $1
15. (170) James Starks (GB – RB) $3

I broke Yahoo’s projection computer! I went WR heavy, loading up with what I think will be four top-20 WRs (Robinson, Jeffrey, Tate, and Moncrief). I obviously cannot start all four, but I’m not worried about that right now.

I think Kirk Cousins is for real at QB. I took a shot on some deep sleeper tight ends (Virgil Green, Will Tye), and have loaded up with pass-catching running backs with stand-alone value who may pop if the RB they share a backfield with goes down at any point.

Grade: A (BIASED!)

Strength: WR / Depth

Weakness: RB

X-Factor: Chris Thompson

Best value pick: T.J. Yeldon, $5

Mike Larose

Sandusky’s Showers
Budget $200
1. (1) Aaron Rodgers (GB – QB) $21
2. (13) DeMarco Murray (Ten – RB) $7
3. (25) Ezekiel Elliott (Dal – RB) $46
4. (37) Brandon Marshall (NYJ – WR) $43
5. (49) DeSean Jackson (Was – WR) $8
6. (61) Jimmy Graham (Sea – TE) $3
7. (73) Amari Cooper (Oak – WR) $42
8. (85) Carolina (Car – DEF) $2
9. (97) Jonathan Stewart (Car – RB) $14
10. (109) Derek Carr (Oak – QB) $3
11. (121) Vincent Jackson (TB – WR) $3
12. (133) Chris Ivory (Jax – RB) $5
13. (145) Jason Witten (Dal – TE) $1
14. (157) C.J. Spiller (NO – RB) $1
15. (169) Mike Wallace (Bal – WR) $1

I really like what Shmike did here. Solid lineup throughout, with a strong WR trio of Brandon Marshall, Amari Cooper, and DeSean Jackson.

Ezekiel Elliott is going to be a stud and potential TD machine in Dallas. And while I don’t love DeMarco Murray as his RB2, LaRose has Jonathan Stewart and Chris Ivory as potential replacements.

Grade: A-

Strength: Balanced

Weakness: TE

X-Factor: Jonathan Stewart

Best value pick: Vincent Jackson, $3

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2016 Keepers


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The 2016 keepers were announced on Thursday.

Four managers have decided to not keep any player, while eight managers have chosen their 2016 keeper.

Andrew Tepel – David Johnson, $13

Went with Johnson over Jordy Nelson for $11. Tough choice, but not that tough. DJ is often regarded as the No. 1 RB in Fantasy Football this year.

Scott Kret – Josh Gordon, $11

The four-game suspension from Gordon makes this one interesting. Gordon’s upside is undoubted, but with his suspension combined with the danger of him smoking weed at any time during the season, I’m not sure Gordon wouldn’t have gone for around $11-$15 in the draft.

Stan – Thomas Rawls, $11

One of the toughest decisions to make, Stan went with Rawls over Allen Robinson for $31. I know he wrestled with this quite a bit, but ultimately chose the value play at RB vs. paying for the stud at WR.

Porter – Donte Moncrief, $11

Thought about Amari Cooper for $27 a ton, but couldn’t resist a potential top-20 WR for $11.

Damien – Todd Gurley, $17

An easy decision for Damien, snagged a top-five back for less than $20.

Linto – Devonta Freeman, $17

Freeman was last year’s Fantasy MVP and has RB1 upside.

Snake – Marvin Jones, $12

Snake decides to go with the Detroit Lions’ No. 2 receiver here. For $12, in a high-volume passing attack, Jones should at least return value for Snake.

Phil – Kelvin Benjamin, $11

A little risky here, with Benjamin coming off an ACL tear. Nevertheless, for just $11, if Benjamin can get back to 2014 status in the Carolina offense, it will pay dividends for Phil.

Mike Goldberg – Cam Newton, $11

The NFL MVP and unquestioned No. 1 QB for just $11. Brooks even approves.



Dion Lewis‘ injury prevented Jason Goodman from keeping him for $11. Goodman thought about Julian Edelman for $26. Mike Larose would have likely kept Stefon Diggs for $11, but then Teddy Bridgewater suffered a season-ending knee injury. I believe he thought about Carson Palmer for $11, too.

2016 Draft Day Set


Saturday, August 29th at Tepel’s house – Draft Day 2015

Date: Friday, September 2nd at 7:30 p.m. eastern time. 

Related: Last year’s pricing list

Location: Tepel’s (Northeast).

National Anthem: Mike LaRose

Defending Champ: Tepel

Nomination Order:

Mike Gold
A. Goodman
J. Goodman


Goodman Gracious In Defeat

By Andrew Goodman

Congratulations on the ass-kicking of a championship. It was reminiscent  of the Seahawks/Broncos SB [XLVIII in 2013].

It was all over when I witnessed Marshall, Hopkins and Williams score a TD within 2 minutes. I always thought you would have a down week, but that never came. As I head into the off-season, my lawyers will be drafting a letter to Yahoo! in regards to the rivalry week Ravens-Browns scoring.

Can’t wait to do it all again next year. Think about creating a standings system that takes into account Head-to-Head wins + Pts Scored. Good luck this off-season, Managers.

Tepel On First Title Ever: ‘Lucky, But Good’

By Andrew Tepel


Finally! Finally!  It took 15 years but I finally won one of these things. I just want to thank you guys for a great season. It was a lot of fun. Here are few moments that made this season memorable for me:

•The vote to remove the Kicker, 7 in favor and 6 against (I still cant believe 6 of you voted against that)

•The draft because I had to draft for myself and Phil

•Week 2 being down 14 points vs. Stan with Brandon Marshall playing Monday Night. He caught a TD pass on the last possession that gave him 23 points and landed me in first place, where I remained the rest of the season (watch Marshall’s TD catch here).

•Finally the most memorable thing of the season was winning rivalry week  and how the last 2 minutes of the Ravens – Browns (highlights here) game played out. Ironically it was me vs Goodman in that also.

Anyway I know winning one of these things takes some luck and I was lucky enough to only have one major injury this year, but I was also fortunate enough to have D-Will make that in injury almost a non factor. I look forward to trying to repeat next year with my boy Jordy Nelson. Thanks again for the great season

PS – you guys still owe me dinner for week 6.

2015 Fantasy Title Game: The Andrew Sisters


PHILADELPHIA, PA — May the best man Jewish Andrew (And-Jew?) win.

Goodman reaches Championship for first time in 12 years

Goodman, making just his third playoff appearance in 13 seasons, is back in the Fantasy Championship for just the second time ever and first since 2003 (1-point W over Porter)!

After a huge upset victory over Blake The Snake, Goodman enters the title game on a four-game winning streak. More impressively, he is 8-1 in his last nine contests.

Tepel goes for history

Tepel escaped a scare from Goldberg thanks to David Johnson’s three-touchdown Sunday night performance against the hometown Eagles.

Now, Tepel — after being crowned the first-place champ for the second straight year — looks for his first Fantasy Championship (0-2).

The Matchup

Yahoo! projects Tepel as a 12-point favorite (131.85 – 119.61).


Other than Russell Wilson, Tepel’s once consistent star WRs are no longer that (see: DeAndre Hopkins, and Brandon Marshall). While both are capable of exploding, the guarantee for 20-point performances is far from true anymore.

Having said that, Hopkins gets the Titans and Marshall gets the Patriots at home. Two very nice matchups for Tepel, not to mention the scorching hot Wilson at home vs. the Rams.

Tepel will have a decision at RB2 thanks to Danny Woodhead’s four-TD performance. With David Johnson and DeAngelo Williams playing well also, Tepel has to pick two of the three backs (unless he sits Randall Cobb and goes with the unorthodox three-back lineup).


For Goodman, the emergence of Golden Tate has improved his ceiling. Tate gets SF at home, Jarvis Landry gets Indy at home, and KC defense gets the Browns at home. All gorgeous matchups.

The question for Goodman will be who to start at QB —  Eli Manning (likely — barring an appeal– without Odell Beckahm Jr.) or Philip Rivers. A source close to the situation tells that Goodman is “leaning towards” Manning at Minnesota on Sunday night.

The scariest player in this matchup, however, might be Adrian Peterson at home on Sunday night against the Giants and their porous defense. AP, who is projected for 20.15 pts, has just one TD in his last three games and has combined for only 25.30 pts over that three-week span. One could argue — and I would certainly agree — he’s due. 

Goodman will have a FLEX + RB2 decision with Julian Edelman still likely out: Latavius Murray vs. SD on Thursday, Bilal Powell vs. NE, DaVante Adams at ARI, or maybe even Zach Miller at TB. He’ll need to start two of the four.

Powell has been on fire over his last three games, while Murray has been more consistent throughout the season. Adams has struggled of late, while Miller’s productivity is completely unpredictable.

The game to watch

Goodman will have three players — Manning, Peterson, and TE Will Tye in the aforementioned Giants at Vikings SNF game.

Tepel will have the all-important, but not-really-important-all “Final Say” on Monday Night Football with Denver defense at home against the Andy Dalton-less Bengals.

Goodman will likely need to be up 20-plus points to feel any sense of comfort about that.



  • No deal has been reached upon as of it.
  • This matchup gets started on Christmas Eve, as Tepel will start Antonio Gates at the Raiders.