2016 Keepers


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The 2016 keepers were announced on Thursday.

Four managers have decided to not keep any player, while eight managers have chosen their 2016 keeper.

Andrew Tepel – David Johnson, $13

Went with Johnson over Jordy Nelson for $11. Tough choice, but not that tough. DJ is often regarded as the No. 1 RB in Fantasy Football this year.

Scott Kret – Josh Gordon, $11

The four-game suspension from Gordon makes this one interesting. Gordon’s upside is undoubted, but with his suspension combined with the danger of him smoking weed at any time during the season, I’m not sure Gordon wouldn’t have gone for around $11-$15 in the draft.

Stan – Thomas Rawls, $11

One of the toughest decisions to make, Stan went with Rawls over Allen Robinson for $31. I know he wrestled with this quite a bit, but ultimately chose the value play at RB vs. paying for the stud at WR.

Porter – Donte Moncrief, $11

Thought about Amari Cooper for $27 a ton, but couldn’t resist a potential top-20 WR for $11.

Damien – Todd Gurley, $17

An easy decision for Damien, snagged a top-five back for less than $20.

Linto – Devonta Freeman, $17

Freeman was last year’s Fantasy MVP and has RB1 upside.

Snake – Marvin Jones, $12

Snake decides to go with the Detroit Lions’ No. 2 receiver here. For $12, in a high-volume passing attack, Jones should at least return value for Snake.

Phil – Kelvin Benjamin, $11

A little risky here, with Benjamin coming off an ACL tear. Nevertheless, for just $11, if Benjamin can get back to 2014 status in the Carolina offense, it will pay dividends for Phil.

Mike Goldberg – Cam Newton, $11

The NFL MVP and unquestioned No. 1 QB for just $11. Brooks even approves.



Dion Lewis‘ injury prevented Jason Goodman from keeping him for $11. Goodman thought about Julian Edelman for $26. Mike Larose would have likely kept Stefon Diggs for $11, but then Teddy Bridgewater suffered a season-ending knee injury. I believe he thought about Carson Palmer for $11, too.


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