Tepel On First Title Ever: ‘Lucky, But Good’

By Andrew Tepel


Finally! Finally!  It took 15 years but I finally won one of these things. I just want to thank you guys for a great season. It was a lot of fun. Here are few moments that made this season memorable for me:

•The vote to remove the Kicker, 7 in favor and 6 against (I still cant believe 6 of you voted against that)

•The draft because I had to draft for myself and Phil

•Week 2 being down 14 points vs. Stan with Brandon Marshall playing Monday Night. He caught a TD pass on the last possession that gave him 23 points and landed me in first place, where I remained the rest of the season (watch Marshall’s TD catch here).

•Finally the most memorable thing of the season was winning rivalry week  and how the last 2 minutes of the Ravens – Browns (highlights here) game played out. Ironically it was me vs Goodman in that also.

Anyway I know winning one of these things takes some luck and I was lucky enough to only have one major injury this year, but I was also fortunate enough to have D-Will make that in injury almost a non factor. I look forward to trying to repeat next year with my boy Jordy Nelson. Thanks again for the great season

PS – you guys still owe me dinner for week 6.


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