The Double Season-Saving, Walk-Off TD Heard ‘Round The World

PHILADELPHIA – Fantasy and reality.

It didn’t just save one season. It saved two.

Jordan Matthews’ 41-yard TD catch on Sunday night propelled the Eagles to 4-4 and just 1/2 game back in the NFC East (Giants 5-4), likely saving their season.

That, he knew immediately upon crossing the goal-line.

What J-Matt didn’t know, was that over 1,500 miles away…


…a young man named Andrew Porter had his own season saved with Matthews’ catch. His fantasy season.

Loss No. 7 is usually equivalent to a “your-season-is-over” pink slip in the storied 14-year long Northeast Philadelphia born Fantasy Football League, and down 27.12 points with just Duck Hands Matthews remaining on Sunday night, Porter wrote himself off—for the matchup and in turn, the season.


But then, this happened.

Down 9.92, Matthews’ 11.1 point walk-off touchdown gave Porter the 1.18 point win.

matchup 2

With the win, Porter improves to 3-6, but more importantly avoids his 7th loss. Stan, takes it on the CHIN, and falls to 4-5.

Live LOOK in on #FreeBRADYansky:



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