2015 Draft Day Prop Bets


Will Andrew Goodman attend the draft?

Yes  -175
No  +150

Will Mike LaRose bring WaWa?

Yes  -180
No  +130

Will Mike LaRose draft Tony Romo?

Yes    -500
No     +300

Will Mike LaRose draft Jason Witten?

Yes    -350
No     +275

Will Damien Wilmer bring any draft prep besides a cell phone?

Yes  +2000
No   -1000

Will Blake Rosenberg miss out on a player because no one can hear him?

Yes    -100
No     +100

What time will Linto Thomas arrive (Draft begins at 8pm)

Before 8       25/1
At 8              15/1
8pm-8:15       5/1
8:15-8:30       7/2
After 8:30       9/1

How many kickers will Stan Borodyansky draft?

0 – 1/5
1 – 5/1
2 – 25/1
3+ – 250/1

How long will Mike Goldberg’s rendition of the National Anthem be?

o1:20   +225
u1:20   -175

What will Andrew Tepel wear?

Eagles jersey                             22/1
Larry Bird/Dr. J choking shirt     30/1
Shirt and tie                               50/1
Plain v-neck t-shirt                       5/1
None of the above                       2/1

Who will own the most Eagles’ players?

Tepel       8/1
Porter      9/1
Scott        9/1
Damien   10/1
Other      12/1

Who will be the auctioneer (Dane is unavailable)?

Ryan Scherer      3/2
Porter                  5/1
Jordan Cogan    10/1
Joey LaRose      10/1
Osni Rocha         10/1
Corey Seidman   50/1

What will be the biggest problem of the draft?

Phil Pane’s face time/skype-in situation      2/1
Goodman having a replacement drafter     6/1
No auctioneer                                              8/1
Eagles-Packers distractions                       15/1
Linto’s tardiness                                         100/1

*Place your bets in the comment section, please. 


About Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter is the creator and editor-in-chief for theschoolphilly.com. Born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, he currently works for Sportsradio94WIP and contributes to CBSPhillysports.com. Porter graduated from Penn State University in 2012.

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