Comparing The Luckiest And Unluckiest Teams To Poker Hands


As you know, fantasy football is a cruel game. I often compare it to poker. Sometimes even when you think you can’t be beat, like when you have pocket Aces, the opposing kicker can kick five field goals, or the other guy can flop a flush.

After four weeks some teams have gotten rewarded on the river, while others have been sucked out on. It’s the ebb and flow of the fantasy football season and all you can do is hope it evens out.


4. Stan – JJ losing to AQ off-suit

Stan has exactly 400 points scored in four weeks. Quick math, he’s averaging 100 points per game. Not great by any means, but not atrocious and usually doesn’t warrant an 0-4 start. Except it did for Stan.

Stan has scored over 100 points twice, including a 113-spot. He also held a massive 40-point lead in week 4 heading into Monday Night with Stevan Ridley going against Jamaal Charles and Kansas City defense. And he lost.

3. Goodman –  10 10 losing to A9 suited

Goodman has 552 points scored, tops in the league, but is just 2-2. When you score 151 points and lose it can’t feel good. But stay positive young fellow, this isn’t consistently happening, just one really unlucky week. Goodman’s other loss came the lone week he failed to reach the century mark.

2. Jason – AK off-suit losing to AJ off-suit

536 points forward for Jason, which is 2nd best in the league, except Jason sits at .500 tied for 6th place in the standings. Jason has scored over 110 points in all four weeks and has two losses in weeks where he scored 114 and 122 respectively.

1. Porter – AA losing to 88

Consistently getting F’ed.

In four weeks, Porter, aka me, already has two losses in which he scored over 125 points. That’s not common for a full season, let alone in four short weeks. Despite having the 6th most points scored, Porter is 1-3, tied for 9th place a full 3.0 games out of 1st place.


3. Damien – 78 suited beating AQ off-suit

Despite only having the 5th most fantasy points scored, Damien is 4-0 in first place. He has a league low 384.22 FP against and while his team has played well, Damien has benefited greatly from favorable matchups early on.

2. Scott – A8 suited beating AJ off-suit

407 points, fourth least in the league, but a 2-2 record. Scott has never scored more than 116 in any week this season and only lost by two points in a week where he scored 101 FP. Only one week did Scott play an opponent that went nuts, and he scored 75 that week anyway.

1. Lint Daddy – 72 off-suit beating AK off-suit

The Fantasy Gods are on Linto’s side this season folks. He’s 3-1 despite only scoring 432 points, which is only 8th best in the league. His 394 FP against is second least in the league. Linto has two wins in which he’s scored 95 and 103 FP respectively.

Keep betting your Aces, but there’s no promise they’ll hold up. It’s fantasy football and no one is playing the small violin for you.


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