2013: Mike Strikes Gold, Late in Season


2013 (Live AUCTION Draft) – “Mike Strikes Gold, Late in Season”

After reeling off three straight wins to open the season, Mike Gold lost the next three falling to 3-3, and eventually found himself 6-6 and in a must win week 13 situation to make the playoffs. Goldberg destroyed Tepel 165-95 in week 13’s rivalry week behind Alshon Jeffrey’s 48 fantasy points (12/249/2), and earned himself the 5th seed in the postseason, his 5th playoff appearance in eight seasons.

With the emergence of Jeffrey, no one wanted to see Mike Gold in the playoffs. In fact, since week 7 Jeffrey averaged 19.3 FP/game and failed to score double digit FP just once (8 FP in week 12), giving Goldberg a dominant 1-2 punch at WR with Jeffrey and A.J. Green, both top-7 fantasy WR’s this season. Combining those two top-seven WR’s, with two top-six fantasy RB’s in Matt Forte and DeMarco Murray, Tom Brady at QB, Julius Thomas/Greg Olsen at TE, and the late resurgence of Maruqes Colston as a flex, Goldberg was poised for a championship run and no one wanted to face him. Sure enough, three consecutive wins and three successive 135+ fantasy point performances later, Goldberg cruised to his second franchise fantasy title, becoming the third manager to win multiple fantasy championships (Porter, Stan). With the win, Mike Gold moved to second in the all-time leaderboard, only 170 points behind Stan.


(Waiting on Mike Gold’s championship write up)


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