2013 Pre-Season Rankings


First off, some house keeping.

We voted that special teams touchdowns will effect our defenses, fractional points will have to wait at least another year, first place will get 700 tokens and the champion will earn a whopping 1,100 tokens (with a deal for the runner-up likely to be made).

Waivers will be the same as last year, with each team starting the season with $100 in FAAB (Free Agent Auction Bid) dollars. Waivers will be from game time-Tuesday, so from Wednesday until 12:59pm Sunday, players will be free to add and drop freely.

Now, onto yesterday.

It was a glorious day, as expected. I honestly think draft day is the most anticipated fixed day of the year for me. Like, yeah, throughout the year random, various things could happen that could make any day the best day of the year for me (usually that would have to involve either sex—a rarity, sports, or money—another rarity, or a combination of the three—extreme rarity), but the one day of the year that I know will be there every August is fantasy draft day, and there is no better fixed date on my calendar.

I thought from top to bottom everything went very smoothly, everyone drafted well (some more than others), the technology worked, the food was delicious per usual (thanks Nancy), and Dane did a good job (thanks Dane) of keeping things moooooovingggg (Mr. McKinney voice).

Phil still paid in a quirky way and provided a bunch of laughs, Linto was still late for unknown reasons, Damien still showed exuberant energy, Jason was still over prepared, Blake was extra snaky, Stan finished extra early (no pun intended), Goodman still drafted Randall Cobb, Antonio Brown, and Eric Decker, and the Goodman household was as gracious as ever. Somehow that basement fits us all and it will go down in this league’s history one day.

On a serious note, we’re all doing our own shit now, so it’s really nice to see everyone and get the league together for a day.  Hopefully, we can all get together to watch the games more throughout the season.

I digress.

I genuinely enjoyed the auction infinitely times more than the snake draft for numerous reasons, with the main reason being the auction style is for men, snake draft is for women. Strategy, research, and preparation is rewarded more in an auction compared to a snake draft, and seriously, a woman can print out a draft sheet on ESPN and take the next best available player and win the league in that format (Stan did it twice….ZING!).

With that, here is your 2013 preseason Fantasy Football team-by-team analysis.


Strong draft from Tep all the way around. I mean, he did 58 mock drafts, including one at 6:30am yesterday, so he better of had a good draft.

I really don’t have much else to say. Solid from top to bottom, he needs to hope his guys stay healthy (they didn’t last year and he’ll be sure to let you know that’s why he came in last place).

Sproles/Martin at RB in a PPR league could be dynamic, and Marshall/V.Jackson at WR is no slouch tandem either. Kaepernick at QB could be the risky part of this roster, but plenty of QB’s on the waiver wire if need be.

Playoffs- Yes


Scott bought Foster ($56), Rodgers ($33), Graham ($37), and Demaryius Thomas ($40) for a total of $166, leaving him only $34 for 11 players, but that wasn’t where he went wrong. He actually got Foster, Rodgers, and Graham for probably slightly below their market value, and was actually in a nice spot. I think where he went wrong was buying Reggie Wayne for $20, because after that, he now only had $14 left for 10 players. His weakness is RB2, where he currently has Roy Helu (!!!) starting.

Scott’s starting roster is good enough to make the playoffs (Fosters, Rodgers, Graham, Thomas, Wayne, Tavon Austin, RB2?), but someone is going to get hurt, its 2013, and his bench is dreadful.

Playoffs- No


With the scarcity of elite RB’s this year, it was imperative to grab at least one of the top 10-12 backs. Goodman snagged two, in CJ Spiller and Alfred Morris (both of which I love this year) and only spent a combined $94 on them. Cam Newton for $26 may have been a bit much, but Goodman recovered fine and got the WR’s he specifically wanted, in Cobb, Decker, and Brown.

Biggest weakness is depth.

Playoffs- Yes


By far, the most interesting draft to analyze.

Stan overpaid for Romo ($14), spent $17 on two tight ends, tried and failed to trade money so he can draft a second QB, was the last team to buy a running back (ending up with Steven Jackson as his #1), and still managed to stock piled his bench with Bernard, BJE, Vereen, Torrey Smith, and Ivory (by far the best depth in the league).

His strength is his depth and it’s not even close. It’s going to be a question of whether he can manage his team throughout the season and make a trade or two, to get him over the hump.

Playoffs- No


Tom Brady for $22 might be the best value of the draft. Forte, Ball, Murray at RB is decent, not great, as Mike recovered from not getting an elite RB. At WR, Mike has Green, Colston, and Thompkins, which again, is good, not great.

Think this team has a chance, but lacks something…I just can’t put my finger on what.

Playoffs- No


Phil spent $46 on Reggie Bush. That’s $4 less than Martin and $6 less than Spiller, however, I think it’s warranted. Bush is poised for a monster year in Detroit, and in a PPR league it’s basically like having an extra WR, so I like the aggressiveness there, personally.

Roddy White and Dwayne Bowe at WR is more than adequate as well. His weak spot is RB2, where Phil is set to start inconsistent and never healthy, Darren McFadden.

Phil always makes the playoffs though.

Playoffs- Yes


LeSean McCoy was the only player that went for $60 or more, sans Adrian Peterson, and Linto bought him. Again, I don’t think this was an over payment. If you think LeSean McCoy is the #2 overall player on the board, which is totally plausible, than $60 is fair.

The rest of his team, however, is eh. Luck ($16) eh, Gore ($32) eh, Finley ($8) eh, Richardson ($18) I like him, but not for $18, and a semi-weak bench to boot.

He has McCoy and Julio Jones to potentially carry him, but I don’t think it will be enough.

Playoffs- No


I’m going to objectively analyze my team the best I can, and I actually don’t love my team as much as I thought I would. I expected to kind of get whoever I wanted at ease, and I think I underestimated you guys a bit.

I got in a brutal bidding war with Blake (the prick) for Calvin Johnson, but I wasn’t backing down. I ended up spending $57 ($7 more than I wanted), but he’s worth every penny in a PPR league. I snagged Charles for $58, a guy who I think will be special under Reid in a PPR league (McCoy caught 78 balls on 90 targets under Reid in 2010). I also got Welker as my WR2, to round out my “Big 3” if you will. I was clearly targeting PPR-specific players, intentionally.

I think Calvin/Welker could very well be the best WR tandem. My mistake was my bidding war with Scott for Lamar Miller. I went to $24, which was probably too much, despite my love for Miller.

Matt Ryan for $10 was nice.

The more I look at my bench, the less I like it. Eh, at best.

Playoffs- Yes


I like what Damien did at the top. In fact, I love what Damien did at the top. AP and T-Rich is probably the best RB tandem in the league. However, Damien spent $117 (58.5% of his budget) on those two players, and it came back to bite him in the asshole, and by asshole I mean at the WR position. Damien’s WR’s? DeSean Jackson, Cordarrelle Patterson, Malcom Floyd, and Dernard Robinson. He has to start two of those guys every week in a PPR-league. That’s tough.

Also, Damien drafted two high-upside, high-downside guys in RGIII and CJ2k, meaning both are risky to own, but while the consistency is questionable for both, the upside could make him a force to be reckoned with.

If I have learned anything in fantasy, it’s that when you go into a season “hoping things pan out”, it never works out.

Playoffs- No


Blake had the quietest draft, literally.

Although I like both of Blake’s top two RB’s (MJD/Wilson), he lacks the elite guy, which is important this year. Dez and Fitz at WR is a top tandem, and Russell Wilson at QB is intriguing for sure. He has some nice depth as well.

Kinda like this team, and we know Blake never keeps quiet during the season. He’ll make at least one trade.

Playoffs- Yes


I think Shmike did a decent job. He bought Brees, a top two QB, for $35 and Rice, a top eight RB, for $57, both fair values. His WR core is solid, Cruz and Nelson, but injury prone. RB2 is Ahmad Bradshaw, who has upside, but not sure what you will get out of him either.

Mike has great depth though with Mendenhall, Ingram, Austin, and Boldin. I’m going to say he’s out for now, but I think he can manage his way in throughout the year.

Playoffs- No


Hey, another good draft from Jason. It’s starting to become a staple. Lynch and Ridley at RB for a total of $88 is as solid as it gets. WRs are a bit weak with James Jones and T.Y. Hilton, but he has tremendous depth there with Garcon, Moore, and Sanders. Witten at TE (PPR boost) and Stafford at QB doesn’t get much better than that either. Just solid straight through.

We have never had a repeat champ, and I don’t plan on that changing this year.

Playoffs- Yes


What I learned from doing this?

The parity, once again, is evident in our league. We are no longer close to “novice” fantasy players. This league is intense, and if you expect teams to falter at the draft every year, well, you’re going to be wrong. It’s a dog eat dog league, and in-season managing is crucial.


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